Remediation of Environmental Impacts at Historical Military Base

Location: Chicago, Illinois

True North was retained to oversee the remediation of environmental impacts present at a historical military base in Chicago, Illinois. True North provided broad-based environmental consulting services associated with numerous environmental obstacles in preparing the site for redevelopment that would accommodate a new 800,000-square-foot air cargo terminal. The environmental portion of the project involved the removal of six underground storage tanks (USTs) ranging in size from 500- to 40,000-gallon capacity, approximately 20 oil-water separator systems ranging in size from 30- to 35,000-gallon capacity, numerous hydraulic lifts, PCB-contaminated electrical transformers, and remediation of PCB and petroleum-impacted soils.

True North coordinated environmental remediation efforts with the general contractor and various construction crews working concurrently at the site. The project’s critical-path timeline was not adversely affected by the environmental remediation, despite numerous unidentified conditions encountered during demolition and site preparation activities. Additionally, True North was tasked with regulatory closure of Leaking UST Incidents reported at the site. The site obtained an NFR letter once True North successfully demonstrated that the requirements of 35 IAC 734 had been met.