Meeting the Challenges of the Energy Industry

Utilities, power producers, developers and the contractors that support the energy industry require assistance to meet today’s challenges and their environmental impacts. Those challenges are many: maintaining a reliable energy supply, reducing the environmental impact of operations, improving resiliency, developing renewable options and complying with government regulations.

At every level we can assume there may be some form of government regulation that burdens nearly every area of the utilities market. Utility companies, power producers, developers and contractors rely on True North’s experience and expertise to manage project risk, regulatory requirements and financial expectations to drive their initiatives forward. We ensure that we are very thorough in our assessments to meet the requirements of today while safeguarding the ongoing operations well into the future.


  • Environmental Due Diligence – Phase I & II, ER & EA
  • OSHA/Health & Safety
  • Compliance
  • Site Investigation
  • Hazardous Material Assessment