Operating Under Regulatory Scrutiny

Healthcare and senior living facilities face numerous operational challenges as well as daunting regulatory scrutiny. These burdens frequently undermine our clients’ primary goal of providing care for those in need. We recognize the regulatory and operational difficulties, and we leverage our technical experience to provide practical, actionable solutions. 

True North’s staff differentiates itself from our competitors by providing services with a high level of compassion and care that is uncommon in our industry. Our ultimate goal is to provide the healthiest and most comfortable environments for our clients’ patients and residents. In certain cases, this means taking that extra bit of time to engage patients/residents in a positive manner (when appropriate).


  • Phase I Environmental Site Assessment
  • Asbestos Inspections and Management
  • Mold and Moisture Investigations
  • Remediation and Restoration Management
  • Indoor Air Quality Assessments
  • Hazardous and Special Material Assessment
  • Transactional Advisory Services
  • Merger and Acquisition Support
  • Corporate EH&S Support Services
  • Emergency Response Services
  • Asbestos Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Plans
  • Moisture Mapping and Thermal Imaging