Hospitality District Brownfield Redevelopment

Location: Bensenville, Illinois

True North was retained to assist with the brownfield redevelopment of an environmentally challenging five-acre site in Bensenville, Illinois. The brownfield site, historically operated as a landfill for disposal of various forms of waste materials, is ideally located for the proposed development that includes hotel and restaurant facilities. True North conducted an initial subsurface investigation of the property to evaluate its suitability for redevelopment and, working with the Illinois EPA, determined the proposed improvements were feasible without compromising occupant health or safety. 

Results were then used to prepare a remedial plan meeting the Illinois EPA’s voluntary Site Remediation Program (SRP) and Tiered Approach to Corrective Action (TACO) requirements while remaining economically feasible for the development team. The approved remedial actions, which include various forms of institutional and engineering controls, will be implemented in conjunction with ongoing construction activities. True North’s coordination with the Illinois EPA, the site owner and the developer will allow for improvement of a formerly vacant parcel with perceived construction limitations due to environmental issues. Upon completion of the property development and execution of the remedial plan, a No Further Remediation Letter will be requested from the Illinois EPA to indicate the constructed site conditions do not present a risk to human health or the environment.